(warning: Upon agreement of an appointment, I will have two copies of this  for each of us to sign. During our first visit to your property we will each sign these documents making our Waiver final. One copy will be for your records and one copy will remain in the PEAR legal files)


Waiver Of Liability
WAIVER OF LIABILITY / PARTICIPATION CONTRACT I____________________________property owner of_________________ located in____________________________________ give my consent for PEAR to perform a paranormal investigation on / in my property. I also swear that as of the date signed on this contract that I am of legal binding age (18yrs) and hold myself solely responsible for any action or decision partaken on my behalf. Any information obtained throughout the tenure of this site will be deemed joint property shared between PEAR and property owner. PEAR may display the information via colleagues,websites,etc with censorship of any names addresses or locational specifics. Information gathered will not be used against members of the PEAR or the said property owner in any manner deemed to be destructive or malevolent in nature whether by intent or chance. The investigation / research process has been explained to me and I understand what I am undertaking in the process and that there is always the potential for physical injury. I agree to release PEAR and its members from any liability for injuries and / or damages if I so choose to investigate with them. In no manner will PEAR or its members, or the property owner be held accountable, liable, or otherwise responsible for lost, missing stolen, damaged equipment, personal belongings and or injury. The members of PEAR hold themselves solely responsible for any injury or physical damage obtained while on this investigation.
 SIGNED_____________________DATE___________________________ WITNESS____________________DATE___________________________

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